Seller Information and Delivery/ Refund Policy

Seller Information

TBL Advisory Co., LTD

Operation Officer

鄭 州業 (J.Jung)

Head Quarter

1F 25 Seventh Lane Po Sheung TsuenSheungShui Wai Sheung Shui NT,

Hong Kong

Telephone Number




Apply / Sign-up method for coaching

Apply by direct submission. Fill in the application form paper or application form on home page.

Consulting Cost

We have noted in the description page and application page of each course detail

Additional Cost

In the case of payment by bank transfer, transfer and settlement fee will be charged.

Media contents are free delivery. But, overseas delivery will be charged within regular mailing fee.

Delivery time of goods/ services

Media including CDs, DVDs will be delivered within 10 business days after the payment completed and confirmed by seller.

Text book or media for face-to-face lecture or personal coaching will be delivered on the first day of seminar or first session day.

Cost for the text book or media included in the consulting cost.

Course instruction will be delivered via e-mail within 1 day after the payment had been confirmed.

Delivery method of goods

We will send you a download URL via e-mail address that you sign up, when you purchase electronic file media, such as PDF files, or multimedia media such as audio, video files. Other products will be sent to the addressee by courier or mail.

Payment Method

Credit Card (Paypal)

Bank transfer

Order expiration date

The purchase order will be valid 15th days from the application.  16th days after the application, without any payment, your order will be expired.

Defective products compensation policy

If you are unable to download electronic media, please download it again at a later time. If it occur several times, please contact us through e-mail. We will send the data in a different way.

Defective products such as text book, Media (including CD, DVDs) will be replaced by a normal goods free of charge. Please contact us by e-mail when you find defective products.

Refund policy

When requesting a refund, please contact by e-mail with reason(s) of refund. Including the day we receive your request of refund, it will be refunded within two business days.

 Cooling-off Cancellation policy

This personal consulting agreement is subject to the cooling-off.

Cancellation of the contract within cooling-off period

①Cancellation of the contract is effective, when the customer issue a document for cancellation the contract.

②Customers can cancel the contract unconditionally by issuing a document for cancellation the contract. Notification of cancel should be issuded until the 10 days from the date of receipt of the contract document. It should be noted that the agreement will take place in the first of the course start date.

③ Compensation for damage or penalty does not occur.